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Why dogs smell butts Why dogs smell butts

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Please, and I've said this to a whole lotta people, optimize your sound. As a South African, you must understand that every megabyte of cap is PURE GOLD! T___T I've just downloaded three full songs to watch a movie that should've been no bigger than 1MB.

Anyway, on to your animation! :D

Great use of music; it really heightened the atmosphere! And a fun motage of the party, too! And the character design of the dogs is adorable - I was smiling at their cuteness the entire time.

Also, Flash is ACTUALLY man's best friend, and has great smoothing with its drawing tools. It's unnessecary to "sukkel" with Paint and then having to import it, erase imperfections and all that. It's a lovely time saver.

Other than that, great fun! And what a sweet story, too! (Poor dogs, though) :3

Can't wait to see your next creation! ^^

AN Account of Gobble AN Account of Gobble

Rated 4 / 5 stars


So true!! Gobble is adorable!!! I was really looking forward to this one, and you haven't let me down. ^^

I'm just sad you had to cut a few scenes! And such a downer of an ending, too. Downer in a good way, though. :P

Can't wait to see the next one! ;D

The Matrix Reboot The Matrix Reboot

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good, except for..

If I wanted to rewatch the film to hear all that dialogue for the umpteenth time, I would've popped the DVD in right now. Never be afraid to record new dialogue to spice things up. For example, if you were to give Morpheus a high-pitched voice with a lisp, then it would've been an instant recipe for a parody, which would keep viewers interested.

And remember, if the voices aren't speaking, the characters' lips shouldn't continue moving. ^^; It can become really distracting, which is never good.

But I must add the way you drew the characters is delightful! :D Especially Neo with his skew little face! Really, really great job on that!

Keep on keepin' on! ^^